In Focus Photo Contest

The 2018 In Focus photo contest submission window has just come to a close. A huge thank you to everyone who participated.

The traveling booth, where you can vote on the "People's Choice Award" is now rotating between New Hope City Hall, the Farmer's Market (Saturdays), the Golf Course and the Ice Arena.

You can also cast your vote below after checking out the photos. (Please vote only once)
In Focus Photo Contest People's Choice Award Ballot
1 Fox
2 Foxes
Afternoon Tea
A Little Bit of Sunshine
A Resting Place
Argiope aurantia
Artwork by Explosion
Back Home
Backyard Bliss
Backyard Visitor
Bee-safe Pollinator
Before the Bars
Big League Dreaming
Blue Flowers
Bread & Butterflies
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Christmas on Decatur Ct
City at work. Boy at play
Common Yellowthroat
Elephant Ear Cicada
Exercise in Patience
Flower Day
Focus on the Bright Side
Frosty Tomatoes
Great Blue Heron
Green Lagoon
Hidden Tree
Hide and Seek
Hungry Hungry Caterpillars
Ice Formation
In Bloom
Just Fly
Lighting the Way
Maroon Hat
Moonlight Magic
Model at Dusk
Mystical Green
New Beginnings
New Christmas Tree Concept
New Cover, First Four Seasons
New Horizons
Northwood Lake Ablaze
Northwood Serenity
On Guard in the Garden
Orange Foliage
Orb Weaver’s Flytrap
Pink Flower
Pollen Crazy
Portrait of Man with Ladybug Umbrella
Pretty in Pink
Reach for the Sky
Refreshed and Reflective
Striking Stripes
Sunrise in Hidden Valley
Turbulence on Northwood Lake
Vivid Beauty
Waiting for the Game
Winged Majesty

Security Measure