Development Projects

Development Map

Learn about the current development and redevelopment projects taking place in New Hope by viewing the following maps and updates:

Scattered Site Housing Program

Over the years, the city has acquired a number of properties as part of the Scattered Site Housing Program. The primary focus of the program is to target distressed single-family properties throughout the city, with the goal of improving residential neighborhoods. The program currently emphasizes acquiring homes for demolition in order to provide vacant lots for the construction of new single-family homes. The city uses its Economic Development Authority (EDA) to purchase the homes. The EDA uses its cash reserves for the acquisition and demolition costs associated with each property. The EDA understands that potential financial losses could be incurred on each project, as the cost to acquire the distressed properties and prepare the sites for redevelopment often exceed the value of the new vacant lot. To cover these potential losses, the EDA uses Community Development Block Grant funds that are provided by the Federal Government and administered locally by Hennepin County.