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The city of New Hope contracts with Hennepin County to provide assessing services, including market value estimates and property classifications for tax purposes. The assessor must provide uniform property values to ensure that the tax burden is distributed fairly and equitably. Properties are inspected at least once every five years.

Proposed Levies and Taxes

Each fall, Hennepin County mails a proposed property tax statement (truth in taxation statement) for each taxable parcel in the city. The notice provides the following:

  • Estimated Market Value (amount the property would likely sell for on the open market). Sales from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 are taken into consideration as one factor used to determine the estimated market value.
  • Taxable market value (value used to determine your taxes). 
  • Property type and classification—i.e., residential, apartment, commercial; homestead, non-homestead, blind, disabled, etc.
  • Budget meeting dates for various taxing jurisdictions. 

Street and Park Infrastructure Levies

When comparing the property taxes New Hope homeowners will pay in 2022 to comparably priced homes in nearby communities, the city's property taxes appear to be a bit higher than average. New Hope's total tax capacity rate in 2022 is 64.323%. That percentage, however, does not take in to account that New Hope is the only one of those communities that does not levy special assessments for street infrastructure improvement projects.

In most communities, when a street project is done adjacent to a property owner's home, that property owner is billed for at least a portion of that project's cost. New Hope, instead, funds those projects through its annual street infrastructure levy. The cost of street improvements in New Hope is spread across all tax paying properties -- no taxable properties are singled out for special assessments.

Removing New Hope's street infrastructure levy from the tax capacity rate comparison puts it on an equal playing field with neighboring communities. In that comparison, the total tax capacity rate for New Hope in 2022 decreases to 55.913%. See the tables below.

Graphic comparing tax capacity rates.

Market Value Appeals Process

Annual property tax statements/notice of valuation and classification are prepared and mailed each spring by Hennepin County. Property owners are responsible for paying their own property tax (for example, if not escrowed by the mortgage company) by May 15 and Oct. 15. The tax statement also provides information necessary to complete the Minnesota Property Tax Refund, if eligible. The refund is prepared and filed separately from the income tax return, and currently has a filing deadline of Aug. 15. 

The statement includes information regarding the local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting held at the city level in April. Property owners who believe their property value or classification is incorrect should call the phone number listed on the notice for an explanation from the assessor’s office regarding how the market value was established. An on-site review of your property may be requested or required so the appraiser can review the actual characteristics and condition of the property.

If your question or appeal has not been resolved, the next step would be to file a formal appeal to the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization, which meets in April. Application and deadline information appears on the notice of valuation and classification. 

Property Data

For basic information about any property in Hennepin County (owner, value, property identification number and map), please visit the Hennepin County Property Information page. 

Property Tax Information

Property tax and property information is also available by: 

  • Internet: Print a copy of your statement when it becomes available and pay your taxes on-line at (click on Residents and find links to property tax and property information pages).
  • Call: Hennepin County Property Management can be reached at 612-348-3011.
  • Write:
    Hennepin County Treasurer
    Hennepin County Government Center
    300 S 6th St
    Minneapolis MN 55487

Other Resources

For more information about market value or property taxes, visit the websites below. The Hennepin County website provides property tax and assessment information for all properties in the county. 

General Information & Forms

Forms and instructions are available from the State of Minnesota.


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