US Census Multifamily Access Ordinance

US Census Multifamily Access Ordinance Adopted
Posted on 03/10/2020
On March 9, the majority of the New Hope City Council approved adoption of an ordinance requiring multifamily property owners and managers to allow census workers access to their buildings during the decennial census.

The city of New Hope has a significant number of housing units that are categorized as “historically undercounted,” including multi-family properties, renter occupied properties, and senior living facilities. The ordinance will give building owners/managers additional reason to comply with allowing census takers into their buildings. It will also give them an opportunity to let residents know about the importance of participating in the census and the ability to provide information about who lives in any given unit.

Residents of New Hope will be receiving an advance letter, reminder card, and link to the 2020 Census questionnaire in March. Census Day will be celebrated on April 1, with events across the country. Respondents should include anyone living in their home on that day when completing the questionnaire. Census Bureau staff will attempt to reach those who do not respond to mailings by going door-to-door from May to August.

The full ordinance can be viewed at

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