Tobacco Ordinance Amendment Approved

New Hope Tobacco Ordinance Amendment Approved
Posted on 08/25/2020

At its meeting of Aug. 24, New Hope City Council voted to approve a tobacco use ordinance amendment. The amendment introduces a number of changes to the existing tobacco ordinance to both modernize the tobacco provisions and reflect the change in federal law increasing the age for legal sale of tobacco products to 21.

Following the Aug. 17, 2020 closed work session, the following changes were made to the originally proposed tobacco use ordinance amendment:

  • Prohibiting the sale of all flavored tobacco products with the exception of menthol, mint and wintergreen with an exemption for 21 and over tobacco product shops which are permitted to sell all flavored tobacco products.
  • Pharmacies will be permitted to sell tobacco products.
  • Distribution of samples is permitted at the 21 and over tobacco product shops.

Additional changes include:

  • Many definitions have either been revised or added to provide a more modern verbiage. Mirrored the newest federal regulations including raising the legal age required to purchase tobacco products, from 18 years of age to 21 years old. Also includes the ban on all flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes (except for tobacco flavored).
  • Raised the age of those legally allowed to sell tobacco products as a clerk at a licensed retailer to 18.
  • Banned the sales of all flavored tobacco products except for mint, menthol and wintergreen; except within adult only tobacco stores.
  • Possession, use, and purchase laws have been removed that would punish people under the age of 21 who attempted to buy tobacco.
  • The new age group for people conducting compliance checks has been changed from 15-17 years-old to 17-20 years old. This change reflects new changes to state regulations.
  • The fine for first time violations for tobacco license holders has been increased from $250 to $300. This reflects changes to new state regulations.
  • The lookback period for subsequent tobacco license violations has been increased from 24 months to 36 months. This reflects changes to new state regulations.

All current license holders will receive notification of the amendment which goes into effect Oct. 31.