Street Infrastructure Levy

Understanding New Hope’s Street Infrastructure Levy and Your Property Taxes
Posted on 06/17/2020
When comparing the property taxes New Hope homeowners will pay in 2020 to comparably priced homes in nearby communities, the city's property taxes appear to be a bit higher than average. New Hope's total tax capacity rate in 2020 is 66.088% due to the issuance of bonds for the Civic Center park and pool improvement projects. That percentage, however, does not take in to account that New Hope is the only one of those communities that does not levy special assessments for street infrastructure improvement projects.

In most communities, when a street project is done adjacent to a property owner's home, that property owner is billed for at least a portion of that project's cost. New Hope, instead, funds those projects through its annual street infrastructure levy. The cost of street improvements in New Hope is spread across all tax paying properties -- no taxable properties are singled out for special assessments.

Removing New Hope's street infrastructure levy from the tax capacity rate comparison puts it on an equal playing field with neighboring communities. In that comparison, the total tax capacity rate for New Hope in 2020 decreases to 57.725%. See the tables below.