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Report Damage Caused by Snowplows

Report Damage Caused by Snowplows
Posted on 02/03/2023

New Hope’s snowplow drivers work diligently to keep city roads clean and safe; however, snow removal equipment occasionally damages turf or mailboxes. Nearly all the damage caused by snowplows occurs in the city-owned boulevard, typically the first 12 to 15 feet behind the curb. Residents who place irrigation systems, trees, shrubs, flower beds, brick, stone or other items in the boulevard do so at their own risk.

Public works staff typically begins repairing snowplow damage in early May. Boulevard turf damage is repaired with black dirt and grass seed. Once the repair is made, homeowners are responsible for watering and maintaining the new grass. Due to limited resources, it is difficult for the city to repair boulevard damage as quickly as it would like. Residents can help by replacing pieces of sod that have been ripped out. The sod will usually re-root if the divot is picked up promptly and the grass underneath it does not die.

The city will repair mailbox damage and supporting posts if they are properly located behind the curb line and if the damage results from actual contact with the snowplow. The city will not assume responsibility for damages caused by mailboxes that protrude into the street or damage caused by the pressure of the snow against the post of the mailbox. To help prevent damage to mailboxes from the pressure of pushed snow during removal, make sure to clear snow around mailboxes and posts. A standard design mailbox is used for replacements. The city will not replace decorative or specialty mailboxes. Property owners who install decorative materials in the right-of-way do so at their own risk.

If your lawn or mailbox is damaged by a snowplow this winter, please report damage online at or by calling New Hope Public Works at 763.592.6777. Residents who live along county roads should contact Hennepin County for assistance at 763.745.7700.

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