Register Your Alarm System

Register Your Alarm System
Posted on 01/14/2020
There are many things people are marking off their checklists this time of year, and another one to make sure to remember is having your alarm system is registered with the city.

New Hope city ordinance requires that all business and residential property owners register their alarm systems and keep their contact information up to date.

Businesses are required to re-register their alarm systems annually and pay a $25 fee. Residential alarm owners are required to register their system and pay a fee of $25 only once.

Alarm system owners are required to contact the city if they change providers or contact information.

The alarm ordinance limits alarm users to three false alarms within a 12-month period without penalty. An alarm user who has not registered their alarm system and has a false alarm, however, is charged $100 per false alarm until they register their system.

Alarm registration forms and the alarm ordinance are available at or by calling the Finance Department at 763.531.5130.