Playground Safety Reminders

Playground Safety Reminders
Posted on 07/13/2021

The weather is warmer, children are out of school for the summer and trips to the playground are more frequent. When visiting New Hope’s playgrounds this summer, have fun, but remain safe too!

  • Supervision of young children is recommended.
  • Remove helmets, drawstrings and other accessories around the neck which could cause strangulation if entangled.
  • Be cautious of the sun! Limit playtime at peak sun exposure time and watch for any signs of heat illness. Playground surfaces may become HOT and can cause burns. Check for hot surfaces before playing on the playground. If the equipment is hot to the touch, it’s too hot for a child’s bare skin.
  • Wet surfaces may be slippery. Use with caution to avoid falls.
  • Play surfaces are not sanitized.

Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics webpage on playground safety to learn more.