New Hope Adopts Organics Collection Ordinance

Get Carried Away with Organics, New Hope Adopts Organics Collection Ordinance
Posted on 03/25/2021
New Hope City Council has adopted an ordinance amendment requiring all licensed refuse haulers to offer curbside organics collection services to their customers, effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Work on the initiative began following a Hennepin County Board mandate made in 2018 that all cities within the county must provide curbside organics collection by January 2022. After discussion with the Hennepin Recycling Group (HRG), consisting of the cities of New Hope, Crystal and Brooklyn Center, it was decided the best approach to fulfill the county requirement is amending garbage and recycling code to require all licensed haulers to provide the service as an option to their customers. City staff worked closely with HRG Administrator Tim Pratt to drafting the ordinance amendment.

At the city council meeting of March 22, Community Development Assistant Brandon Bell outlined the ordinance amendments for the New Hope City Council. In addition to requiring all licensed refuse hauler to offer source-separated organics recycling service effective Jan. 1, 2022, the amendment also updates outdated language, establishes that pricing of organics collection is up to the individual hauler, participation in the program is up to the individual customer and that the city cannot require the hauler to utilize one truck for collection of both refuse and organics at the same time.

New Hope currently operates with an open garbage collection system, allowing individuals to select their hauler. The city requires haulers to be licensed with the city with curbside collection be provided at least once per week. All currently licensed haulers have been notified of the ordinance amendment.