Get to know Victory Park

Victory ParkVictory ParkVictory ParkVictory Park
Get to know Victory Park
Posted on 08/02/2019
Victory park, located on International Parkway and East Research Center Road (just across the street from the Public Works building), is in the middle an industrial area of New Hope. As a result, it’s perhaps one of the lesser known parks in the city. And though it lacks some of the more playground-esque amenities that other area parks have, it does boast a couple of the best fields New Hope has to offer.

The park has a well maintained ballfield, and if you follow the path from the parking lot a little further north, a soccer field as well. Both of which are lighted and have stands on the sidelines.

Though they host a wide number of sporting events, they are otherwise open to swing by for a couple hits or a quick game or two. For those worried about staying hydrated out there, there is a water fountain along with an outhouse at the park.

So while Victory Park may not include a huge number of equipment options, the fields that it is home to are of the most excellent quality.