Get to Know Begin Park

Begin ParkBegin ParkBegin ParkBegin ParkBegin ParkBegin Park
Get to Know Begin Park
Posted on 06/14/2019
Drop by Begin Park sometime this summer! Taking up the entire block at 55th and Xylon, it’s a beautiful addition to the neighborhood surrounding it. With a recently repaved basketball court in 2018, two tennis courts, a small playground as well as a ball field, the park is a fantastic place to go on a beautiful summer day. The Begin Park playground is great for the kiddos, with a water fountain set up close by for all those who are really playing hard.

It’s even big enough to have a section between the ballpark on the south side and the playground, basketball, and tennis courts to the north. The only things there are some trees, a couple tables, and an open lawn. It’s the perfect place for a picnic. So take an hour or two, come on over and enjoy Begin Park!

Also of note: the park’s name is pronounced Bay-jin (soft j sound), not Bee-gin.