Center for Voter Information Mailing

Center for Voter Information Mailing
Posted on 06/18/2020
Many residents have reported receiving a mailing from the Center for Voter Information containing an absentee ballot application and encouraging them to vote by mail in the upcoming elections. This mailing was not sent by Hennepin County, the Minnesota Secretary of State, or any other election administrator.

The Center for Voter Information is a non-profit organization looking to increase voter turnout by mailing pre-filled absentee ballot applications, voter registrations and sometimes a voting history “grade”. These mailings are legitimate and are not an attempt to commit election fraud. The forms are generated using data which is public for political/campaign purposes. In some cases, the name/address data these organizations use is inaccurate or out-of-date.

Any applications and registrations that are signed by the voter and returned to Hennepin County will be processed the same as any other submitted form. Voters can check the status of their registration and/or absentee ballot at It is not necessary to resubmit the form if an up-to-date registration or absentee ballot application exists.

All registered voters in Hennepin County will receive an absentee ballot application sent directly from Hennepin County Elections.

If you have any questions please visit or call the New Hope Elections Line at 763.531.5160.