2020 Police Awards Ceremony

2020 Police Awards Ceremony
Posted on 01/28/2020
At the Jan. 27 city council meeting, Police Chief Tim Fournier conducted the 2020 New Hope Police Awards Ceremony presenting the 2019 police awards and highlighting the great efforts officers and citizens gave to make the city a safer and better place.

The awards presented were as follows:

Chief Commendations for Staff
Captain Scott Slawson
Sergeant Pete Stanley
Sergeant Marty Williams
Officer Gena Abramovich
Officer Kaitlyn Baker
Officer Matthew Collier
Officer Daniel Fitzmaurice
Detective Cheri Galli
Officer Miguel Robles and K9 Kody
Officer Jason Ryan
CSO Scott Anderson
Clerical Supervisor Jeana Allen-Hatcher
Clerk Lorilee Stafford

Chief Commendations for Community Members
Julie Anderson, Community Member
David Flesland, Community Member
Sean Gallagher, Community Member
Quintin Payne, Community Member
Marco Villar, Community Member
New Hope Tires Plus
New Hope AutoZone

Lifesaving Commendation
Amanda McDonald, Community Member

Star Pin Acknowledgement
Officer Kaitlyn Baker
Officer Britni Austin
Officer Chris Cazin
Officer Jason Ryan

Special Recognition
New Hope Police Explorers