Cooper Stadium Use Amendment Trial

Council Extends Cooper Stadium Use Amendment Trial
Posted on 05/15/2020
New Hope City Council has approved a resolution extending the trial period for expanded use of the Cooper outdoor athletic stadium by an additional two years.

At its meeting of May 11, New Hope City Council determined that due to the limited number of events during the summer of 2019, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic during the previously issued one-year trial period, extending the trial for an additional two years allows a more comprehensive review of the effects of the amendments to the conditional use permit.

The amendments, originally requested in May of 2019, would expand use of the outdoor stadium, located at 8230 47th Avenue North, to non-district events and adults. Additional requirements include limiting the size of events to the number of parking stalls located on school property, requiring a deposit for litter removal, limiting to use of the public address system to four times per year, prohibiting the use of stadium lights, and requiring that events conclude by 9 p.m.

City Council will revisit the conditional use permit amendments in 2022.