2020 Winnetka Water Main Replacement

This project primarily includes the replacement of the city's water main on Winnetka Avenue between 27th and 29th avenues. The water main will be pipe burst and replaced, a process that avoids excavation of the entire roadway by destroying the pipe in place while simultaneously installing a new HDPE pipe in the same location. Engineer's currently anticipate that Winnetka Avenue will be down to 1 lane in each direction during the construction of this project. Business and residential access will be maintained for the majority of this project.

This project was awarded to G.F. Jedlicki, Inc. at the 2/10 Council Meeting. Information will be distributed regarding the project to area residents this Spring.

In addition to the city's project in this area, both CenterPoint Energy and Hennepin County plan to work on Winnetka Avenue in 2020. CenterPoint Energy plans to replace the gas main located on Winnetka Avenue between 10th and 42nd avenues. Following completion of the gas and water main replacement, Hennepin County will be milling and overlaying the roadway. Information about these projects can be found at the links below.