Ice Arena Entrance

photo of front entranceOn November 25, 2019, the City Council approved the replacement of the front doors at the New Hope Ice Arena. The doors had originally been installed in 1996, as part of the south rink addition. During the 2012 interior improvement project, both lobby areas were expanded and the existing doors were removed and then reinstalled.

The previous configuration had two sets (one interior and one exterior) of automatic sliding doors for both the north entrance and the south entrance. In addition to the automatic sliding doors, there is also a set of standard (non-automatic) doors next to the automatic doors. All four sets of automatic doors were replaced with non-automated doors. In addition, two automatic door operators with wireless push pad actuators (handicapped accessible access buttons) have been installed at the north entrance. The standard (non-automated doors) were not replaced.

Installation of the new doors took place in early 2020.
area between sets of doors