2020 Infrastructure Improvement Project

Plans and specifications for this project were approved at the 2/10 Council Meeting, and the Council authorized staff to receive bids for the construction of this project on March 12. In general, Northwood Parkway between Boone and 36th avenues and 36 1/2 Circle would be fully reconstructed. This includes water main replacement, some sewer main repairs, storm sewer replacement, and full replacement of curb, gutter, and pavement. Many streets in the Hidden Valley neighborhood will be "milled and overlaid", a process that involves removing and replacing the top few inches of pavement. Project streets can be seen and more detailed information can be found at the links below.

In May of 2019, the New Hope City Council authorized the preparation of a feasibility report for the potential 2020 infrastructure improvement project. The feasibility report was approved at the September 23 Council Meeting. An Open House was held at City Hall on October 10 for all residents on the full-reconstruction streets of this project. The presentation from this open house is available below. A public assessment hearing was held at the October 28 Council Meeting, and following the public hearing the engineer was authorized to begin preparing plans and specifications. Approval of the plans and specifications occurred at the February 10 Council Meeting. Bids will be received on March 12, with potential award of the project occurring at the March 23 Council Meeting.

Please note that only tax-exempt properties, such as churches and parks, would be assessed for this project. 

Please contact the city's project coordinator Megan Hedstrom at 763-592-6765 or mhedstrom@newhopemn.gov if you have any questions.