Flooding Tips

Flooding Tips
Posted on 03/12/2019
Temperatures are on the rise and significant rain is in the forecast, which means that flooding concerns are on the rise.

The New Hope Public Works Department has a few tips for residents to know as snow melts and rain pours in:

• Help keep storm drains on the boulevard by your home clear of snow.
o While water can drain beneath the snow in some cases, the more free storm drains are of snow and ice, the better they can help remove water.
o Public Works staff will be doing their best to clear storm drains in problem areas, but resident assistance is greatly appreciated. However, if you have a storm drain that needs significant attention, call Public Works directly at 763.592.6777.

• Do not salt your driveway or storm drains to assist melting, especially prior to expected rain events. With the warmer temperatures, the salt will do very little good to help, but will instead add significant, irreversible contamination to the storm water being discharged to various lakes, ponds, and streams throughout the city.

• Roads are designed to hold water. Don’t panic if you see water collecting on areas of the streets. Certainly drive safely around the water, but the water itself will not harm the roads. Standing water may indicate a catch basin is clogged with heavy snow. Call Public Works if you have any questions on the locations of the storm drains in your neighborhood.

• While this applies throughout the winter, we continue to ask residents to help make sure fire hydrants are clear of snow to ensure they are accessible if in case of an emergency.

For further advice on how to best prepare for the upcoming melt, watch this clip from KARE 11: