Snow Removal Guidelines

Snow Removal Guidelines
Posted on 02/11/2019
To aid in the snow removal process, the Public Works Department would like to inform New Hope residents of the regulations that are enforced to ensure efficient and effective snow removal practices.

When does the city begin plow operations?
Street crews will operate snow removal operations when there is a snowfall of more than two inches or if conditions warrant plowing. The crews will begin plowing shortly after the storm subsides. The city is divided into nine routes for snow and ice control operations.

What is the parking ordinance during winter months?
Per city ordinance there is no parking on city streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. year-round. This parking ban is strictly enforced during the winter months, and especially after the city receives an inch-and-a-half or more of snow. When possible, 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. is the time frame in which the city will plow the city streets, however, the parking restrictions will continue to apply until snow has been removed or plowed.

In case any vehicles are parked or left standing on the street in violation of this ordinance, said vehicle or vehicles may be removed by, or under the direction of, any police officer or city employee.

If you're unclear when parking restrictions apply, call the New Hope Police Department at 763.531.5170.

When will the city plow sidewalks?
It is the responsibility of each property owner in New Hope to maintain the public sidewalk adjacent to their property.

The city will remove snow on the sidewalk only during operational hours and when staff levels allow. Staff does not plow sidewalks on overtime. For overnight or weekend storms, sidewalk snow removal will at the earliest begin the next business day at 7 a.m. It can take up to 2-3 business days for crews to clear all city sidewalks.

What do I do with my trash can if it’s snowing on my trash pickup day?
Be sure to still put out your trash (and recycling if applicable). However, keep your cans on driveway, close to the front, so snowplows can safely get around them. 

What are some common safety concerns for the plowing operations?
Warn your children about the dangers of playing in the snow banks made by the plows. Plow operators cannot see children playing in the snow banks. Parents and children need to be aware of the danger of playing in snow banks. This includes buildings 'forts' in snow banks. Plow trucks will continue to move snow on the snow banks over the days and weeks following large snow events which presents a serious danger to children.

While driving, do not follow the plow trucks as they back up often and unexpectedly. Keep a safe distance while driving behind the plow trucks.

What do I do if the snow plow damaged my mailbox?
Occasionally snow plowing operations will result in damage to mailboxes. The city will repair the damage only if the mailbox and its supporting posts are properly located behind the curb line and if the damage is a result of actual contact by the snow plow. The city will not assume responsibility for damages that are caused by mailboxes that protrude into the street or that are damaged simply by the snow pressure on the post of the mailbox. It is the resident's responsibility to keep mailboxes and posts clear from large piles of snow.

A standard design mailbox will be used for replacements. The city will not replace decorative or specialty mailboxes. Property owners install decorative materials in the right-of-way at their own risk.

Why is there so much snow piled at the end of my driveway after the plows are done?
Plugged driveways are an unavoidable side effect of a well-plowed street. The city apologizes for the inconvenience of the heavy snow pile that is built from the plows, but there is no way to avoid this issue. To reduce the frustration of shoveling out the end of the driveway twice, it is suggested that, if possible, you wait until the street is plowed to its full width before completing your snow removal.