2019 Crack Seal and Seal Coat

The City Council awarded the 2019 Crack Fill, Seal Coat and Fog Seal project to the low bidder Pearson Brothers at the June 10th Council Meeting.

The project area map can be seen below. Streets in BLUE will be crack filled, and streets in YELLOW will be crack sealed, seal coated, and fog sealed. The street in green, Boone Avenue between 42nd and 49th, will have some warranty repair work performed by the contractor. This process first involves the sawing and filling of any cracks in the road. Then, after a few weeks, the contractor will return and spray a tack coat onto the roadway and cover it with a chip rock product. This product must sit for at least 21 days, and then the contractor will return to install the fog seal product, which seals ups the roadway and provides a hard, asphalt surface. An example of the finished product can be seen in the image below.

Crack filling will begin on July 24th, with seal coat and fog seal work to follow.

Seal Coat work is currently scheduled to begin on Monday, August 12. No Parking signs will be installed on project streets the night before as an indicator that seal coat work will begin the next day. Cars that are still parked on the street when seal coat operations begin will be towed at the owner's expense. In general, roads will remain open for traffic and for residents to access driveways during the seal coat process. 

Project work will be completed by September of 2019. The only impacts to residents and property will be partial road closures during the seal coating and fog sealing process. 

Any questions can be addressed to the city's project coordinator, Megan Hedstrom, at mhedstrom@newhopemn.gov or at 763.592.6765
image showing fog seal on roadwayimage showing the north streets on the projectimage showing the middle streets on the projectimage showing the south streets on the project