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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the New Hope Police Department located?
4401 Xylon Avenue North
New Hope, MN 55428
Phone: 763-531-5170

What hours are the Police Department offices open?

Monday through Friday – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays – Closed

When should I call 911?

Whenever a response from police, fire, or animal control is needed. This is true for all responses, even non-emergencies? The dispatch facility for New Hope is the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department. If you call the New Hope Police Department, you will be asked to hang up and dial 911. (Because of recent improvements in technology you will not hear any ringing, clicking or other sounds to indicate that you 911 call has been completed. Please be patient through the period of silence and the dispatcher will answer your call.)

Do door-to-door peddlers need a license in New Hope?

The city requires peddlers/solicitors to register with the city. As a property owner, you can prevent door-to-door salespersons from coming to your home by posting a “No Solicitation” sign near your door. For more information see "A Resident's Guide to Peddlers or Solicitors."

Does the City have a noise ordinance?

Yes, any loud, unnecessary, or unusual noise that disturbs, injures, or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace, or safety of others is a violation. Any music that can be heard beyond the property line of the place it is being played is also a violation. If a violation occurs and it is impractical to contact the noise originator, contact the police via 911.

What can I do if I see an abandoned vehicle in my area?

Abandoned or junked vehicle complaints are handled on a case-by-case basis. Report the information to the police via 911 and they will have an officer investigate the situation.

How do I block off my street for a block party?

You must first acquire a Block Party Permit form from the police department (also available on the city website). All the affected neighbors must sign the permit and it is then returned to the police department. In most cases the permit will be approved. You will then be responsible for blocking off the street and at the appropriate time removing the obstructions after the party.

If I am involved in a car crash, do I need to call the police?

You need to contact the police department if a personal injury is involved, or there is public property damaged in the crash. Police do not have to be contacted for minor property damage accidents. However, if you feel that an officer’s presence is desirable, please call 911 and explain the situation to the dispatcher. (Example: the other driver does not have insurance or proper Identification, or appears to be under the influence of a controlled substance) It is required that you file a report with the State of Minnesota if the total damage between both vehicles exceeds $1,000. These report forms are available in the Police Department lobby.

Do I need to license my pet?

New Hope city ordinance requires all dogs, cats and ferrets to be licensed and registered if over six months of age. Licensing can be done in the Police Department.

Can I park in the street?

On-street parking is limited to 10 hours. There is no parking on a public street between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m. Also, there is not on street parking when there has been a snowfall of 1½ inches or more until the streets have been plowed.

What if I need to park on the street overnight?

Those wishing to park on the street must notify the police department at 763-531-5170. You will be asked to provide the license plate number, location, reason you need to park on the street, your name and phone number. Some of the reasons for which you may receive permission to park on the street include: driveway seal coating and other temporary situations that arise, which prevent you from using your driveway (remodeling, construction, company, etc.), or overnight guests when cars will not fit in your driveway.

What are the requirements for obtaining a handgun permit?

To apply for a permit to purchase a handgun you must:

For a permit to carry a handgun you must contact the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

Can I get fingerprinted at the Police Department?

Fingerprinting services are provided to residents of the city of New Hope for such things as adoption, licensing, immigration, and employment. There is a $30 fee per card for this service. Contact the Police Department at 763-531-5170 to schedule an appointment.

What is the New Hope curfew law?
Please see the Curfew Regulations page.

A link to the complete New Hope City Code is also available online. The City Code is also available at the public library, or at City Hall. If you have a question about an ordinance not listed here, you may also call the Police Department at 763-531-5170.