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Animal Ordinance Information

New Hope Animal Control Phone: 763-531-5161

Animal ordinances pet owners should know

Owning a pet can be a very satisfying experience, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. The Animal Control Division of the New Hope Police Department reminds residents that there are several city ordinances related to pets in New Hope.


When pets are outside their owner’s home, they have to be leashed or within a fenced yard or kennel. If they can crawl under or climb over the fence, they must be leashed within the yard. When pets are in parks or other public areas, they must be leashed at all times.


Pet owners are required to pick up after their animal and dispose of the feces in a sanitary manner. This ordinance pertains to both the owner’s property and public areas.


Pet owners must prevent their animals from becoming a nuisance by excessively barking, howling, or whining. While most dogs bark occasionally, owners should work with their pet to keep barking to a minimum.


The police department must be notified if your animal bites or attacks someone, or if you are bitten or attacked by an animal. To report an animal bite, call 911 or the New Hope police dispatcher at 763-525-6215. If the bite breaks the skin, the pet must be quarantined at the owner’s expense for a period of 10 days to ensure that the animal does not have rabies. New Hope impounds pets at the PUPS facility in Maple Grove.

Number of Pets

A New Hope resident may have no more than three dogs and three cats or three each of other traditional family pets over six months old without a permit.
Permit to Exceed Limitations on the Keeping of Animals Adobe Acrobat


All dogs, cats, and ferrets over six months must be licensed in New Hope. Pet owners must provide proof of current rabies vaccination to obtain a license. The license must be renewed when the rabies vaccination expires. Licenses may be renewed by mail. To complete the animal license process by mail, download an Animal License Application Adobe Acrobat or call New Hope Animal Control to obtain one.

Licenses may also be purchased in person at New Hope Police Department (4401 Xylon Ave N), Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Lost or Found Pets

Pet owners who have lost an animal should contact New Hope Animal Control, the PUPS impound facility at 763-424-5257, and the Animal Humane Society at 763-489-2204. Animal Control will attempt to return a stray animal with a license on its collar to the owner. Unidentified stray animals with no license will be brought to the PUPS facility. Anyone who finds a stray pet in New Hope should call the New Hope police dispatcher. An officer will be sent to pick up the animal.

Pet owners should keep in mind that pets are considered personal property, and the owner can be held liable for their pet’s actions. Violation of the city ordinances relating to pets may result in citations and fines. For more information about pet ordinances in New Hope, call Animal Control at 763-531-5161. If you need to report a pet violation that is occurring, please call 911 or New Hope police dispatch at 763-525-6215.

For more information about New Hope's animal ordinance, call the 763-531-5161.