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Inspections Division

4401 Xylon Avenue North Phone: 763-531-5127

The main role of the Inspections Division of the Community Development Department is to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents by ensuring that all buildings in New Hope are constructed and improved in compliance with the Minnesota State Building Code.

The division includes the building official, whose primary responsibilities are code administration, commercial plan review, and commercial site inspections, and the general inspector, whose primary responsibilities are residential plan review, residential site inspections, and point-of-sale inspections.

Permits are required before most construction-related projects may begin. If you are unsure whether a project requires a permit, or don't know which permits are required, call the Inspections Division at 763-531-5127 for assistance. As part of the permitting process, a certified building inspector from the city will inspect the project to ensure that the work has been completed correctly. Permits issued through the city include building, mechanical, plumbing, special hazard, sign, fire protection, point of sale inspection, and more.

For more information, click on the topics at left, browse the City Code online, or call the Inspections Division at 763-531-5127.