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2040 New Hope Comprehensive Plan Update

2030 Comprehensive Plan (2008 Update)

Neighborhood Meeting
Wed, June 21, 7-9 p.m.
City Hall, 4401 Xylon

The city of New Hope has begun work on the 2040 update of the New Hope Comprehensive Plan.

New Hope’s Comprehensive Plan defines the future land use, transportation, utilities, sustainability and resilience, and parks and trails goals of our community. The updated plan will provide New Hope with an outline for future development and redevelopment through the year 2040.

The city first adopted a Comprehensive Plan in 1960. That plan has been updated several times, most recently in 2008. The Minnesota Land Use Planning Act requires communities to update their Comprehensive Plan every 10 years. Cities in the seven-county metropolitan area are required to adopt 2040 comprehensive plan updates that satisfy the goals of the Metropolitan Council’s Thrive 2040 planning objectives.

The update process involves extensive review of key aspects of the Comprehensive Plan by city staff, a planning consultant, and a six-person Comprehensive Plan Update Committee comprised of various city commission members and residents.

The process began with an inventory of existing conditions.

A critical phase in the Comprehensive Plan update process is developing a Policy Plan. The Policy Plan is a narrative statement of goals and policies that reflect the priorities identified by the committee, the public and other stakeholders. A link to the previous policy plan, from the 2030 New Hope Comprehensive Plan update, is provided below.

The map linked below includes redevelopment and maintenance target areas within New Hope identified during the 2040 Comprehensive Plan update process.

Once a draft of the 2040 New Hope Comprehensive Plan is completed late this year, it will be submitted to the Planning Commission, City Council and ultimately the Metropolitan Council for review. The final version of the plan must be completed by June 2018.

The City Council encourages residents and business people to participate in and follow the progress of the Comprehensive Plan update process.