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PD+CH Planning

New Outdoor Pool
and Park Improvement Planning

Pool and Park Questions and Answers - Sept. 2017

The New Hope City Council is considering building a new police station and city hall building on the site of New Hope's current outdoor pool. If the new municipal building moves forward and the pool is displaced, the Council plans to build a new outdoor pool and make improvements in Civic Center Park as part of the project. To learn more about "Police Station and City Hall Planning" click on the button at right.

The New Hope City Council approved a proposal from Stantec Consulting Services on January 9, 2017 to develop concepts for a new outdoor pool and for updated amenities in Civic Center Park to complement the proposed new police station and city hall. The preferred pool and park concepts will be combined into a final Master Park and Pool Plan. That master plan will provide a unifying vision for all park amenities, buildings, and civic events.

Additional Background

In April 2015 the pool specialist for Stantec Consulting Services presented information to the City Council that assessed the condition of the current shallow water and 50-meter pools and provided some options and costs for renovating those pools at the existing pool location.

Pool and Park Master Planning

Stantec worked with two resident committees to prepare concepts for a new pool and updated park. Both a pool committee and a park committee met several times during the winter and spring.

Prior to the first committee meetings, information was gathered from residents through two surveys.

A pool survey was mailed to New Hope residents who purchased a pool pass from New Hope in 2016.

A park survey was also available online.

Pool and Park Committee Meeting Information

Pool Committee Meeting - 1/30/17

Pool Committee Meeting - 2/22/17

Park Committee Meeting - 3/7/17

Park Committee Meeting - 4/6/17

Update at City Council Work Session - 5/15/17

Joint Pool and Park Committee Meeting - 6/5/17

Joint Pool and Park Committee Meeting - 8/2/17

Update at City Council Work Session - 8/21/17

Pool Listening Session - 10/2/17

Pool Committee Meeting - 10/11/17

Pool Planning Discussion - 12/18/17 City Council Work Session

Design Open House - June 27