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New Hope...a great place to grow!

New Hope has a lot going for it. The city is conveniently located, has strong neighborhoods, an abundance of parks and recreation opportunities, excellent schools, with great shopping nearby.
And, New Hope is continually striving to make itself even better.

A thriving community...

Although New Hope is considered a fully developed community, the city is moving into a period of growth in population, housing, and businesses. Regional forecasts show New Hope's population increasing slightly over the next few decades from 20,873 in 2000 to 22,500 in 2030.

Between 2000 and 2006, 388 new units of housing were constructed in the city and more new housing is in the planning process. Many homeowners are also reinvigorating existing homes by expanding or making improvements that suit their lifestyle.

Over the past couple of years, the city has issued an average of approximately 2,000 building permits annually, representing an investment of about $25,000,000 each year in New Hope homes and businesses.

New Hope has a thriving business community of nearly 500 businesses. The city has a strong industrial tax base - with three major industrial parks, and a strong commercial sector - with five commercial and retail centers. New Hope’s businesses continue to grow, often requiring significant building expansions and renovations.

New Hope's employers provide a significant number of jobs. The 2010 US Census indicated that there are 11,080 jobs located in New Hope. The estimated daytime population of New Hope is 20,339.