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Ensuring Vitality

Getting even better...

New Hope is already a great place to live! Eighty-nine percent of residents interviewed in the recent survey rated New Hope’s quality of life as either excellent or good. But, the city is committed to doing everything it can to preserve those things that make New Hope great, while continually striving to make our community even better!

A cost efficient approach to maintaining vital infrastructure

In 2001, the New Hope City Council made a commitment to preserve the city’s streets and parks in very good condition. A street infrastructure plan was developed based upon a detailed analysis of pavement condition throughout the city to ensure that street improvements would be made when they were most cost effective. The Council also established street and park infrastructure funds, financed through city property taxes, to pay for these ongoing improvement programs. So, while the city of New Hope’s share of property taxes may seem slightly higher than some neighboring communities, owners of taxable properties in New Hope pay no special assessments for street improvements. Assessments that often total $4,000 to $8,000 in other communities.

Ensuring strong housing stock

In 1978, the city initiated a code compliance inspection program in an effort to maintain the condition and value of New Hope’s housing stock. An inspection is required before a home may be sold to ensure that every home in the city is safe, well maintained, and complies with city building codes. While the code compliance inspection program does not guarantee the condition of a home, the program has protected New Hope’s neighborhoods and encouraged reinvestment in the city’s housing stock.

In 2006, the city added a rental inspection program for all rental properties in New Hope to confirm that these properties are well maintained and well managed. Rental property – including multi-family, single-family, townhome, condominium, and group home facilities – are required to register annually and are inspected about every two years.

To ensure that all property inspections are consistent and based upon nationally accepted property maintenance standards, New Hope adopted the International Property Maintenance Code in 2005. The city enforces the IPMC when complaints are received, through random visual inspections by inspections staff, as well as the code compliance and rental inspection programs.

Exceptional properties deserve to be recognized

New Hope residents have a lot of pride in their community and their homes. 2006 was the inaugural year of the Residential Property Recognition Program to spotlight residential property owners who have done a particularly outstanding job with general property maintenance or improvements; remodeling, renovation or home addition; landscaping or gardens; or environmentally sensitive improvements. Highlighting these exemplary properties helps to inspire every New Hope homeowner to make their property something special.